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Thoughts on Religion March 12, 2009

Filed under: Religion & Spirituality — suzanne turner @ 9:38 pm

So I’m trying to do a little extra work from home, and so I should be looking at the ads, but I started looking at one of the articles in Spirituality & Health Magazine. It is by Rabbi Rami Shapiro on how to answer childrens’ questions about religion, and this answer is to a child asking about trying to find the right religion. I think it is very beautiful, and most adults would do well to take it to heart. Truly following what you profess to believe is at the heart of living well. You can say whatever you want about your faith, but you shouldn’t have to. The way we live our lives speaks volumes about our beliefs and values, and nothing else.

“Religion is like a bucket you drop into a well to draw up water. In this analogy, ‘water’ refers to those transformative experiences that lift you out of your ego and into the One, leaving you more just, more kind, more humble. The ‘bucket’ is the means by which you engage those experiences. The bucket is a tool; it is the water, the experience that matters.

Unfortunately, we forget this and worship our buckets rather than use them. The water in the bucket soon dries and we go in search of another bucket. At first, the new bucket, brimming with fresh water, is wonderful, but in time we make the same mistake and again find ourselves spiritually dry. What we have to do is shift our attention from the bucket to the water, and when we do, any bucket can be of service. Every religion has contemplative practices for drawing up water from the well. My advice to you is this: don’t worry about finding the right religion; find the right practice, the one that works for you. Once you have found it, you will never leave it.”


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