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Goodbye, Cloudtown! October 6, 2008

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Last Night in Juneau!

And we happened to hear thrashing see a big ol’ black bear tossing our big trash cans around under our front second story window tonight. Sweet. I’ve had good vantage points for both of my bear viewings.  🙂 That’s how I like it. That thing was loud and it wasn’t even tryin.

Also saw today a wild dog that wanders out by the shop in Skagway where we were this morning, which looked like a husky but I noticed right away had HUGE paws, longer legs, high skinny haunches and brown/gold eyes. I stayed in the shop and let it roam around outside. He came up to Joel and said hello, but Joel is a lot better at judging dog moods. I looked at him, and the look was cold, like that of a reptile- distant and analytic. I was scared to look too long as that can be taken as a challenge. Paul gave him a leftover hunk of meat, as is their deal for the dog keeping bears away. A while back the dog and a big ass bear had a standoff that woke the distant neighbors, shook the near ground, and went on for hours. Paul said the dog walked out of the hills a couple years ago and is just starting to let people pet him and probably has a good deal of wolf in him, as most huskies do but more distantly. 

The trees in Skagway are turning yellow, orange and red. Some higher up are still dark green, above that the trees trail off into rock, and the rocks on top are dusted with snow. Unbelievably beautiful ferry rides this week. Good Alaskan day to end on. For now. I’m sure we’ll be back. We’ve only seen a fraction of Alaska. It’s incomprehendable just how big, dense, dark, dangerous and beautiful a place can be. I often get the feeling this place is not meant for visitors. But who can resist the allure?

That being said, Juneau is a place unlike any other I’ve seen. When it’s nice, oh man, it’s amazing. But those days come, I’d say, one in forty days. It’s just not enough. And that’s in the Summer! I don’t understand the appeal during the winter, but I guess I’d have to stay and see. Which will never happen. Darkness, cold, isolation and lack of food would drive me out of my mind. For most people here, it just drives them to drinking.

Well, in celebration, I have started to compile my silly list:

You Know You’ve Been in Juneau Too Long When…

  • You know what color Carhartts used to be even when covered in a season’s worth of grit and grease.
  • You call each other to report the daily soups and specials at the Breeze.
  • You’ll gladly pay $4.50 for a single red bell pepper. Literally.
  • You now know a lot of different words for drywall, though most often hear “sheetrock.”
  • You feel like you’re back in high school beacuse there is no escaping gossip and drama. It follows you from work, to the bar, back to work, and then home!
  • One or more of the people you met end up going a little crazy.
  • You project the current state and admit that this town has the capacity to drive you a little crazy.
  • You take a liking to plant-inspired names like Cedar, Jasmine, Willow and Aspen.
  • Party planning consists of buying Alaskan Amber, smoked salmon, flares, and parts for a potato gun and a trebuchet.
  • Tourists are your bread and butter, and the bane of your existence.
  • You have started considering buy Extra Tuffs just because they not only seem practical, but somewhat fashionable?!
  • You have started calling nearly every truck a “rig.”
  • You find yourself in a McDonald’s… because it’s open.
  • You and your significant other have together gained 100 lbs. in 6 months.
  • No matter how cheap the rate, you vow never to stay ever again at the Super 8.
  • You can’t think of anything that smells worse than work gear and vehicles: sled dog + fabric + moisture + time = blechh.
  • Rent in San Diego sounds pretty reasonable.
  • If someone tried to convince you the sun still exists in September, but is just fogged over, you might just argue otherwise.

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