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This week’s weapons: Willpower & Water…. and eff Wal-Mart! June 3, 2008

Filed under: Food,Health & Beauty,Rants (Politics) — suzanne turner @ 3:18 am

I’m finding lots of challenging opportunities to test my willpower. Eating, shopping- it takes focus. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes… not so much. But I know right after and think of a way to overcome it next time. There’s no use in beating yourself up- just do your best. So a couple days ago a few of the expeditors brought back a tip that was given to everyone and it was decided that we should celebrate by getting 20 spring rolls from Peter’s, the Chinese place down the road. Grrr. They reminded me of lumpia I had many years ago- and never forgot. So maybe its not even Chinese. I don’t know. But these things came in smelling amazing and I knew I had to have one. So then of course I had another one. There was still one there taunting me after everyone had some, and so I ran to find Samantha to give it to her. But she wasn’t there! I was tempted to eat it right there. But I ran until I found someone. And Ron in maintenance was very happy when I found him. Still, I felt yucky after eating the greasy things. So when today another challenge arose- tons of food from Peter’s wafting about, I had none. Then Dan the expeditor noticed I was practicing my willpower, and decided to leave his Maui onion chips lying about for hours, telling me to eat some. I had none. The secret to my success was actually two-fold. I pictured how I would feel after each course of action- guilty and bloaty, or proud of myself and feeling slimmer. Then the real savior was that I have been bringing tons of snacks to have to grab instead. Apples, tea, dark chocolate squares, tricuits, nuts, soyjoy bars, turkey jerky and instant soups have been getting me through. Variety is definitely a big help.  And eating and drinking more rather than less keeps me from that rock bottom where I crave the worst. I have been tempted to buy gadgets lately in order to help me monitor exactly what is happening as far as blood sugar, body fat, lean mass etc. But I resisted that too. 🙂 I read reviews that say they aren’t as accurate as everyone had hoped. Instead, I ordered a few dance & cardio DVDs to add variety to my workouts.

I also stopped buying bottled water, which is purportedly not as clean as I thought, and also wasteful- especially in Juneau where there is no recycling!!! Arrg! So Joel got me that fabulous Sigg bottle and I got a Britta faucet filter. Easy! And the bottle is bigger than the old Aquafina, so I drink more. Plus, those bottled waters are made by practically all sold by Pepsi and Coke, so you can’t get away from them even when you try. You have to think outside the box, but then it clicks. I was sad to see that even the Odwalla juices I enjoy so much are made by Coca Cola. Have you ever googled Coca Cola and seen the staggering number of smaller names they have created and/or engulfed? Do you even want to know?

The trademarks listed below are owned or used under license(*) by The Coca-Cola Company and its related affiliates, as of May 31, 2007. These trademarks may be owned or licensed in select locations only. 
A&W Ades Alhambra* Ali
Alive Ambasa Andina Fortified Andina Fresh
Andina Frut Andina Nectar Apollinaris Aqua
Aquabona Aquactive Aquarius Aquana Aquarius
Arwa Aybal-Kin    
Bacardi Mixers* Bacardi Premium Mixers* Bankia Barq’s
Beat Beautia Beverly Bibo
Big Crush Big Tai Bimbo Bimbo Break
Bird’s Nest* Bistra Bistrone Bjare
BlackFire Boco Bogadera Bom Bit Maesil
BonAqua/BonAqa BPM Brazzi Bright & Early
Bubbly Burn    
CAFE ZU caffeine free Barq’s caffeine free Coca-Cola caffeine free Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light
Calypso Canada Dry Cannings Cappy
Caprice Carioca Carver’s Cepita
Chaqwa Charrua Chaudfontaine Cheers
cherry Coke Chinotto Ciel Citra
Club Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola Blak
Coca-Cola C2 Coca-Cola Citra Coca-Cola with Lemon Coca-Cola with Lime
Coca-Cola with Raspberry Coca-Cola Zero Cocoteen Coke II
Cresta Cristal Crush Crusta
Daizu no Susume DANNON* DASANI DASANI Active
DASANI Balance DASANI Flavors DASANI Nutriwater DASANI Plus
Delaware Punch diet A&W diet Andina Frut/Andina Frut light diet Andina Nectar/Andina Nectar light
diet Barq’s diet Canada Dry diet cherry Coke Diet Coke/Coca-Cola light
Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke Citra/Coca-Cola light Citra Diet Coke Plus Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda
Diet Coke with Lemon/Coca-Cola light with Lemon Diet Coke with Lime/Coca-Cola light with Lime Diet Coke with Raspberry diet Crush
diet Dr Pepper/Dr Pepper Zero diet Fanta/Fanta light/Fanta Zero/Fanta Free diet Freskyta diet INCA KOLA
diet Kia Ora diet Krest diet Lift/Lift light diet Lilt/Lilt Zero
diet Master Pour diet Mello Yello diet Nestea/Nestea light* diet Oasis
diet Quatro/Quatro light diet Schweppes diet Sport diet Sprite/Sprite light/diet Sprite Zero/Sprite Zero
diet Squirt diet Tai/Tai light diet Vanilla Coke Diva
Dobriy Dorna Dr Pepper  
E2 Earth & Sky Eight O’Clock Eight O’Clock Funchum
El Rayek Enviga* Escuis Eva Water
Fanta Far Coast Finley Fioravanti
Fire Five Alive Flavor Rage Fontana
Fresca Fresca 1 Frescolita Freskyta
Fress Frestea* Frisco Frugos
Frugos Fresh Fruit Solutions Fruitia Fruitopia
Fruktime Frutina Frutonic Full Throttle
Full Throttle Blue Demon Full Throttle Sugar Free    
Georgia Georgia Club Georgia Gold Gini
Godiva* Belgian Blends Gold Peak Gold Spot Golden Crush
Goulburn Valley Grapette Groovy Guaraná Kuat light
Guaraná Kuat Zero      
Hajime Hawai Healthworks Heppinger
Hero Hi Spot Hi-C Hires
Hit Horizon Hot Point Huang
Ice Dew INCA KOLA Ipsei Izvorul Alb
Jaz Cola Jericho Jet Tonic Jolly Juice
Joy Joya Just Juice  
Kapo Karada Meguri-Cha Keri Kia Ora
Kilimanjaro Kin Kinley Kiwi Blue
KMX Kochakaden Kola Inglesa Koumi Soukai
Krest Kropla Beskidu Kuat Kuat light
Kuli Kyun    
Lift Lift Plus Lift Plus light Lilt
Limca Limelite Limonade Linnuse
Lion Love Body    
Maaza Mad River Malvern Mare Rosso
Marocha Master Chill Master Pour Matusov Pramen
Mazoe Mello Mello Yello Mer
Mezzo Miami Mickey Mouse* Migoro-Nomigoro
Minaqua Minute Maid Minute Maid Antiox Minute Maid Deli
Minute Maid Duofrutas Minute Maid Fresh Minute Maid Heartwise Minute Maid Juices To Go
Minute Maid Light Minute Maid Mais Minute Maid Nutri+ Minute Maid Soft Drink
Minute Maid Splash Mireille Mone Montefiore
Morning Deli Mother Mr. Pibb Multivita
Nada Nagomi Nalu Namthip
Nanairo Acha Naturaqua Nature’s Own* Nectarin
Nestea* Nestea COOL* Nestle Choglit* Nevada
Neverfail Next Nico Nordic Mist
Northern Neck      
Oasis Odwalla Olimpija Orchy
Paani Pampa Parle Pearona
Peats Ridge Pibb Xtra Pibb Zero Piko
Pilskalna Planet Java* Play Energy Drink Pocket Dr
Poiana Negri Poms Ponkana Pop
Qoo Quatro Quwat Jabal  
Ramblin’ Real Gold Red Flash Relentless
Rich Richy Ripe N Ready Riwa
Rosalta Roses Royal Tru Royal Tru light
Safety First Safia Sahtain Samantha
Samurai San Luis Sarsi Saryusaisai
Schweppes Seagrams* Seltz Sensation
Senzao Shizen* Shock Signature
Sim Simba Simply Lemonade Simply Limeade
Simply Orange Smart Sobo Sokenbicha
Solo Sonfil Soonsoo Southern Sun
Sparkle Sparletta Sparletta Iron Brew Splash
Splice Sport Sprite Sprite 3G
Sprite Flavors Sprite ReMix Spur Squirt
Stoney Ginger Beer Sunfill Supa Surge
Sweecha Swerve    
TaB TaB energy TaB X-Tra TADAS
Tai Ten Ren The Wellness From Coca-Cola Thextons
Thums Up Tian Yu Di Tiky Toka
Top Toppur Top’s Tropi
Tropical Turkuaz    
Urge Urun    
Valpre Valser Valser Viva Vanilla Coke
Vault Vault Zero Vegitabeta VICA
Vita Vital Vital O Vitingo
Wilkin’s Wink Winnie the Pooh*  
Yangguang Yangguang Juicy T Youki

Amazing, huh? I just think its crazy that these companies sell water. They don’t just sell it, they SELL it. Dasani, Aquafina, Evian… it’s WATER. So, yeah, this has quickly turned from “food” file to “rant” file as well. But come ON! I’m glad Safeway has a decent real health food and bulk section. Marketing has turned health food into a joke. I take my mom’s advice and avoid the middle of the grocery store altogether. The only think you need in the middle is frozen stuff, and even then, you must be careful. I get frozen mangos, edamame, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. The fruits are great for mixing your own yogurt. Yoplait? No way! Yucky sugar. Activia? Umm, yogurt already has good bacteria, “Activia” did not suddenly originate it. Its sad how they prey on us, and still lie so much to make a buck.

Enlightening sites I now feel I should share:







I haven’t been able to find the one site I was getting a lot of good info from- I remember it being badcorp.org or .com or something, but those are both bogus now. The corplist one is pretty much that same site, it just looked better then. 🙂 It is still very informative though! But anyway, as I’ve shared recently, I’m not always all over it when it comes to strict boycotting, but I’m trying to get there. Correct discipline in every area if life brings abundance in other places I believe. So little by little, it will happen.




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