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Tasty Snack: Jerk Tofu! May 28, 2008

Filed under: Food — suzanne turner @ 1:35 pm

I’ve made tofu before, but as I mentioned, I never had good luck with it. The last tofu I made went straight from the oven to the “boof bucket” as my dad would say. 🙂 It was either tasteless (I didn’t press & marinate it long enough) or too salty! (too much soy sauce in the marinade.) So this time, I got extra firm, pressed it for almost an hour, and then marinated it while we all went out to dinner. The soy sauce it called for wasn’t much and I used the low sodium version. I wanted to make it for the next couple days to snack on, but alas, it is already gone!

Joel introduced me to jerk spices. We were at California Pizza Kitchen when I tried a jerk chicken pizza and immediately fell in love with the sweet-spicy blend. Its the carribean answer to a curry I suppose. I love the complexity of flavors I’m discovering from other countries. 

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t have made this, except I already had a lot of barbeque sauce leftover from the night before. I love making barbeque sauce now! It turns out a little different each time, as I just dump stuff in, but its always great. So I already had a good base sauce from tomato, cider vinegar, garlic, onions, molasses, honey, brown sugar, mustard (dry and deli), cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili powder, a dash of tobasco… so it already was a process before preparing and simmering. Then I added more cayenne, more chili powder, and then cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and lots of fresh lime juice. The house smelled of sweet, savory baking. Everyone wanted to know what it was. (I was also making a lemon curd, but that ended up a flop. I wanted to send it up to the glacier for Joel, but I’ll try again when he’s down and follow the directions to a tee.)

So I may or may not feel like adding all the jerk ingredients from the beginning. I’ll probably try it with pulled chicken and try to replicate that CPK pizza. I still eat chicken from time to time, especially now that I’m trying to add protein. Tofu has more carbs, so its good on a heavy workout day becuase it has the protein too.

Next fun snack will be carob balls when my mom sends me her recipe. Everyone used to balk, but when they were done, they would chow down on those things. John Moss & Ryan McBeth even requested more, and those were tough critics. So my new store items will be carob and wheat germ. I also want to make barley. I love it when it’s in soups and stuff, but never think to buy it in bulk like rice or quinoa. So all that, but when I get paid! 🙂


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