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Various Things I Find Awesome March 28, 2008

Filed under: Shits & Giggles — suzanne turner @ 2:37 pm

Quiet, occasional intense dancing, onion rings, sweet potatoes, travelling, slushy drinks, powdery light snow, visiting family, hearing peoples’ life stories, analyzing things, cuddling, hiking, tennis, exercise DVDs, small towns, memoirs, alternatives to the status quo, friendly non-barking dogs, amphibians & reptiles, napping, HBO of course, elaborate stage productions, oldies, nondescript roadside cafes, hotels, stone & concrete, art, cultures, architecture, history, eastern religions, outdoors, blankets, cocktails, well-spoken people, effort, aspirations, well-designed small household items, well-designed furniture, quirky shops, friendly bars, off the beaten path restaurants, comfy jeans, well-behaved children, books…   


2 Responses to “Various Things I Find Awesome”

  1. Kim Says:

    To include in the list should be Rock Band, my home, family, my rotodent toothbrush, chi flatiron, Atlas Shrugged, watching kids suddenly get it, photos of my nephew, celebrity gossip, the biggest loser, my routine, surprises, sushi ono, ben and jerrys creme brule ice cream, feeling appreciated, my computer, comfortable clothes, cooking the perfect chocolate cake, cupcakes- yellow cake with choc. frosting, choc. covered gummie bears, fun-do, rock climbing, traveling, a good bottle of wine, sephora vanilla b-day cake bubble bath, honeydew candles from illuminations, coach purses, uggs, keyless entry, puggle, not getting stung by jellyfish in the ocean, foot massages, swimming on a hot day, etc…

  2. hoydenseek Says:

    Nice list, there cheesehead senior. Can I just say again: “You need a myspace” ???? Ok. There it is. You need a myspace! Love & miss you lots. 🙂

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