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Bumper Stickers for the Other Guy’s Car March 22, 2008

Filed under: Shits & Giggles — suzanne turner @ 2:32 am

I know some people are into expressing themselves via the blank canvas of their vehicle, and then others just aren’t. Maybe they don’t have opinions to shout, or they don’t feel like affixing a semi-permanent decal to their expensive ride. I’ve been through both phases, but now I really want to explore the mode of communication’s potential as a decent prank…

You know those HUGE lifted trucks that have multiple axels and make a ton of noise for no good reason and the dude tries to use his angle to look down your blouse? Well, while he’s in buying his Bud Light & Penthouse, I really want to slap one of my handy stickers on his tailgate: “compensating???” 

Boss not following through with that bonus he promised? In fact, you haven’t heard a word about it since you reached the goal that got him recognized, but all you have heard about is his precious progeny? Throw one of these babies on his new Audi, crouch behind a distant shrub and watch him change colors: The teachers at MowLawn Elementary told me your kid’s a cocky dipshit, just like his father!” 

If you’re not quite feeling up for full on road rage, you can take the passive-aggressive approach with these gems: “Tailgating Buttnugget” or “Honk if I Just Cut You Off!” or perhaps the perennial favorite “I refuse to disobey the speed limit and that’s final, and I always drive in the fast lane and refuse to move over, thankyouverymuch.”

Here are a few others I just found, actually commercially available! Hahaha! At least these are just magnetic. Oh, the wonderful horror! 🙂

 barnyard.jpg           hooker.jpg           boobs.jpg           ihavecrabs.jpg           goldenshowers.jpg


One Response to “Bumper Stickers for the Other Guy’s Car”

  1. bejewell Says:

    Just saw this one over the weekend: “I really like kids but I usually can’t eat a whole one.” Classic!

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