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What’s New for this Honorary Cowgirl March 18, 2008

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So here’s the first in a long line of promised updates. Packing & moving seemed like it would never end, and then in a blink we are outta there. The trip over was painless (though Joel drove the whole way, so asking him may be slightly different 🙂 and fun.

We stopped in Las Vegas, though one short night there isn’t really enough to do much. I was dead set on those buttery, crispy shrimp tacos and delicious salsas from the legendary Pink Taco, but as we walked down the street, I remembered they seemed to close early, so luckily we called and found they were indeed closing soon and turned around. It did work out fine, because I made a much needed pit stop at Sephora- all my makeup disappeared in the move! And we got to check out the Bellagio water show as we walked by. We were so famished and tired of walking by then, we were jonesing for something very near our hotel. We ended up just chillin with some good drinks and incredible nachos at Maragaritaville. It really hit the spot after that great road trip diet of pringles, gummy bears & jerky. That place is really cool because there are people of all ages, families, couples all having a really great time. They had a cover band so good, we were debating over whether they were lip synching or using parts of the real track. In the end, we decided they are just really damn good.

We even made it up in time to get back on the road by 7. Yikes! But Joel was more than ready to be home, and also to get there at a decent time, being Friday, in order to meet up with friends. We made great time, and watched the weather and the landscape change drastically as we drove. It snowed off & on through Utah and Wyoming- the first snowfall I’ve ever seen. When we got to Laramie and went out, I got to feel my first snow! It was so pretty, but gets you a little wet when you warm up. I see why people drink so much- you get warm and don’t care so much if you end up having to walk home. That’s another thing- drinking, hanging out, walking around- its all really fun to me in a small town. Where I’m from, you can’t really all drink, someone’s gotta drive. Its also hard to see your friends as much as you want to. It just doesn’t work out with schedules and distances. Here, you meet up pretty much every day and every night. We’ve been meeting Badi for his lunch break, and then have dinner with friends or Joel’s family, and then lots of friends for drinks. It was a great weekend, but then we also had St. Patricks Day to just extend the weekend even more.

I really am lucky to get have a boyfriend whose friends & family I love so much. They are as much my friends & family as my own are. They are amazing people, and so hospitable. Last night we all drank so much, Joel passed out after half of Casino Royale, and Badi came laughing and stumbling in a little later and we all crashed in various parts of Brian’s living room. Brian, also drunk, insisted on giving us pillows, blankets, water, movies, and had also made us this fantastic pot of chili for dinner that evening. I’m glad that Joel is home and getting to see everyone. I can see why they were so missed.

Joel & his dad gave me a huge tour of the University, which is absolutely beautiful, and he points out sights all through every drive. He had been telling me, its so trashy; its so dirty, you’ll hate it… I think so that when I saw it, it wouldn’t really be too bad. And it worked. I like the small-town thing, it’s got its benefits. I can see how if you grew up here, you’d be going stir crazy. But once  you’re in a stage where you want to own a house, raise kids, have a hobby or two, see your friends all the time, and not sit in traffic for hours, it starts to regain some appeal. Laramie specifcally isn’t it for us, as Joel has seen & done all it has to offer, but there has to be a happy medium for us between the little town and the big city. 

I’m always tired here, and they told me it is the alititude. I figured I’d get used to it by now, and they said it takes weeks! By then, we’ll be gone. So now, I need a nap before I can continue. I’ll tell you a bit more later.


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