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Republicans, run away from me now, I implore you June 28, 2007

Filed under: Rants (Politics) — suzanne turner @ 4:45 am

I just need to vent for a moment. Why oh why are these self-professed Christians so downright terrible? Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity… I want to be adult about it, but I could debate this forever that way. So I’ll just come right out with the childish name-calling, its what seems to get the point across the quickest: (In my humble opinion) You’re assholes.

I’m not saying all conservatives are assholes, but if you can listen to these people berate and belittle others all day long, in such a snide, condescending tone as they fire baseless accusations for the amusement of their die-hard fan base, without wondering what emotions truly motivate them, then I’ve honestly gotta wonder about you too.

I haven’t cracked my Bible in a while, but back in my days of organized religion, I read the thing backwards & forwards. (I have since read many other spiritual texts on my own quest, and have a pretty good understanding of many faiths and I am generally very calm and open. I must draw the line of my tolerance at politicial media moguls using religious or even just moral platforms as their constant trump card. I’m not usually easily angered. This is seriously one of a couple things in life that makes my blood boil. There are greater issues at hand than the things we typically and monotonously cover, and argue for hours about, on the “news.” I’m convinced that there are now entire channels devoted to arguing about politics.) Now I read the King James Version – I don’t know what late night televangelist translated some of these new versions anyway – but regardless, I’ve never read the passage in the New Testament these people apparently live by where Jesus said being a rude, terrible, unforgiving, contentious, bitter, utterly hatelful person was the thing to do. I know I sound sarcastic, and I shouldn’t write with such anger, but it makes me very angry that they say these things in front of millions of people. But what absolutely confounds me is that millions of people listen to them and give them the sense of authority and credibility that is so undeserved. I would go so far as to say that media centralization with its inherent vices undermines the philosophy of a true democratic process, but that is another blog entirely. 

I apologize sincerely if my opinion has thus far offended anyone, its not my intention. I am glad that you and I are are free to believe however we see fit, even if it means we may disagree. I also find no fault in identification with any religious or political institution whatsoever including the ones referred to. The heart of the issue with me is in the behavior, specific to the person and the situation. Far more maddening is when the person attempts to excuse their behavior with a general air about them speaking clearly: “I am [insert religious discipleship], so how can anything I do, I who holds so lofty a title, possibly be wrong?” Ahem, pride goeth before the fall I believe the Proverbs teach. Case in point: the recent episode between Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards, linked below. (while you’re at it, *not for the faint of heart* google image Ann Coulter and tell me she doesn’t have the craziest effing eyes you’ve ever seen. Ok, she may tie Suze Orman, though Orman uses her airtime constructively which officially dismisses her from my shitlist. Ergo, vis a vis, I now alliteratively crown Coulter the crazy-eyed queen.)

My message to the media: Be terrible if you must, but do us all a favor and admit you’re an asshole like Adam Carolla or Howard Stern does. Then I can relax; I can trust that. If you’re a turd be a turd; but don’t hide in a rose. You only look and smell uglier in there by contrast.

My message to anyone: Please don’t use a faith that’s truly sacred to so many others as a crutch in your life. Don’t go to church and pay your alms and tithing or whatever, thinking all the while that you’re going to heaven and leaving all us poor suckers behind. Don’t use it to find an easy answer to what would otherwise be a hard question in life. Search your soul and find the religion in your heart, even if it doesn’t have a name or a building. Listening to other people all the time, not to mention the TV and talk radio, makes it difficult to hear the true God that lives within you alone. I don’t profess to have all the answers, and I don’t know the true path to heaven or enlightenment, but I’ve lived long enough to know this: that can’t be it.



In case you’re wondering, I don’t make it a point to follow that kind of thing, the reason being simply that I don’t want the daily, avoidable rise in my otherwise excellent blood pressure which I have just experienced from clicking on that blasted story. I don’t want to become one of those generally unhappy people I’m calling out! (Again, my deep disdain is directed at their hypocrisy, not their beliefs.) So in the interest of my health, I’ll do my best to abstain from the tele-ticker-tape, at least until a new administration is in place. But its difficult, being that I like to be well-informed before I vote. I guess I’ll just wait for the debates. The designated ones I mean, not the ones on Fox News.


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