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Giving Thanks November 25, 2006

Filed under: Love — suzanne turner @ 3:00 am
Well, Thanksgiving was the best ever. All of the food was amazing, seeing my grandparents was great, and spending a few days off with my family was so wonderful. We played Clue, just mom & dad, me & Janae and it was really fun just to hang out together; we don’t get to do that very often. Mom & I went to Vons about 5 times in two days, but it was better than being at school! On the last trip I convinced her I needed sushi in order to continue our preparations. We made our apple pies together that day, and then Thursday, Joel made a fruit salad and a pecan pie. Both were awesome. I really love pecan pie now, I’ve been missing out!
After an incapacitaingly large dinner, he picked me up off the couch and made me go for a walk! Grrr. 🙂 We had a great talk, as we always do on walks, or whenever. I love that about us. I can and do tell him everything, and he knows he can do the same. We kicked my parents butts at Perfect 10, a trivia game, bringing the overall score to a tie as the battle continues, but we will prevail!
Joel & I have had a wonderful week, with a lot of time off and its great to kind of see how it would feel to be together every night and day. I love it. I love the comfort and happiness I feel when I’m with him. I know its crazy, but I always get this image in my head, of waking up with him on a Sunday morning, in our own cozy, beautiful house, and making breakfast in our sweats, reading the paper, talking, getting ready for the day, whatever it brings. I know these are normal things, but they have never crossed my mind before. The idea of enjoying your love, your life in every state of the day, no matter what you look like, or what you are doing- it was never realized before now. There is pretty much nothing we haven’t already talked about, and there is nothing that scares me. It seems so simple now. I want to do everything in life, all the good stuff, with him. Knowing that I can trust him is one of the biggest gifts he gives to me.When I was dating before, I was always waiting to hear inklings of desire to be together more long-term. I wan’t looking for commitment here & now, I wanted to know that I was the type of person, I could be the person they wanted to be with a very long time. I figured if they really loved me enough to stick by me, I would stick by them too. There wasn’t really any amazing love- I was always thinking maybe that would come later when things were somehow different or easier. I heard little things here and there, maybe because I wanted to, but usually ended up feeling disapppointed, like something was wrong with me, or that maybe the romance, the passion were things of the past, and I should let them go. I don’t need major commitment now, or on any schedule. I already have that feeling that I am loved enough now. I’m looking forward to the future of course, but I am so happy now, nothing else is going to change that. I don’t need anything else to know that he loves me, he shows me. I don’t need anything to prove to me that he is loyal, he just is.I couldn’t be more thankful for having met him. But that is every day. On Thanksgiving, we just ate even more than usual. 🙂

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