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A Band Name Every Day is My Solemn Goal… May 17, 2006

Filed under: Shits & Giggles — suzanne turner @ 7:36 am

Satan’s Arse

Butt Safety

Glitter Turd

The Poopy Puppies

The Skanky Wankers

The Soy Curdles (special thanks to Lyndi & Amber)

The Sneaky Litres (props to Lizzy)

Partial credit to Jeff for – Za! (The only stipulation to liking this band is that you must yell the name whenever said, and motion with one arm, as in a Hiel Hitler/punch. Also when the band is through playing, and you want an encore, you and the rest of the crowd must chant Za! accompanied by the aforementioned motion.

Voodoo Kabob – could be a band or a Deadbolt album.

Mad Cactus

The Meatshakes

Five Guys I’d Rather Not See Wet

A great name that truly inspires me is “I Love You But I Have Chosen Darkness.”

Another recent inspiration: Music to Smash Cockroaches By.

FYI, my guitar hero bands are The Freaking Weasels & Ruckus



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